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ABOUT PROA National Union

Representing Professional Security & Response Officers!

The Protection & Response Officers of America (PROA) National Union, affiliated with United Federation LEOS-PBA is an National Union devoted and dedicated to serving, promoting, and protecting the interests of protective security professionals throughout the nation. Our mission is to serve individuals employed in the guard service field of employment in collective bargaining, health and welfare, compensation, and workplace issues. In working towards the achievement of this mission, PROA National Union brings the benefits of union organization and collective bargaining to all employees who seek representation and who have chosen PROA National Union as their bargaining representative. PROA National Union provides the legal, technical, and labor expertise necessary to assist employees in protecting their rights in the workplace. Equally important, PROA National Union provides the representation necessary to legally enforce their rights under the National Labor Relations Act, as well as under federal and state law. PROA National Union is comprised of security professionals who are united in their goal of seeking to protect their rights under the law and to maximize their right to compensation based upon their contributions in the workplace. PROA National Union understands that under a properly negotiated collective bargaining agreement, employees should be provided adequate compensation for services performed, appropriate hours of work, maximum job security, advancement opportunities, strong grievance procedures, and carefully negotiated employment protections. We are here to represent our employees' interests and to foster the continued growth, development, and prosperity of all who we represent! 

Al Freedman

AFREEMAN@PROANU.ORG    Tel: 251-333-8877 Ext 801

Larry Garrett
Vice President

LGARRETT@PROANU.ORG    Tel: 251-333-8877 Ext 802

John Dean
Vice President

JDEAN@PROANU.ORG    Tel: 251-333-8877 Ext 803

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